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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's broadband, but not as you know it...

AND so it has come to pass. KnackeredKaz has finally managed to activate her broadband account. But it wasn't easy, oh no, that'd be too simple. I signed up to eircom broadband more than two weeks ago and since then the Gods of the Internet have thwarted me at every turn, putting obstacles in my path, determined that I should be confined to dial up for ever.

"Waaatch" they laughed "as KnackeredKaz spends ages cooing over her brand new modem that arrived promptly in the post, only to discover the line won't be active for a week".

"Looook" they howled "as the line is finally activated and she attempts to set it up...only to find she doesn't have a wireless card on her laptop".

"Looook" they shrieked "as she has a brainwave and decides to connect using the Ethernet port, even though it's not ideal, only to discover that the port is not enabled on her laptop and her warranty has run out and PC World can't help her".

"Waaaatch" they gasped "as she goes back to PC World and buys a wireless card and assorted paraphenalia, only to discover there's some other configuration problem that has her onto the Eircom man for half an hour sweating like a pig."

"Follow her" they snigger "as she discovers that the assorted paraphenalia she bought not an hour earlier, such as an extension cord for the phone, is not needed because she has WIRELESS broadband now thanks to the Eircom man, and she's spent a fortune for nothing."

Oh I could go on and on. Anyway, the upshot of it is, thanks to the Eircom man I'm now mobile and am currently in my office/bedroom typing away, while my lovely little modem sits snugly beside the phone downstairs. This 'always on' business is a larff isn't it? I keep expecting Daddy Dunne to come thundering through the door shouting "get off the shagging phone" but that's not the case anymore, I can surf to my heart's content now. So expect more posts people, I'm *armed and dangerous!

*I don't mean armed as in a gun, I mean as in broadband. Just thought I'd clear that up before one of you rings the law and I have a SWAT situation on my hands!


At 6:47 p.m., Blogger Red Mum said...

Ah the trials and tribulations of a technophobe! He he - only joking, Kaz, you're great with technology. He he.

Even more funny reading it than hearing about it on the phone while queuing in the bank!


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