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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Generous colleagues, oh how I hate them!

A COLLEAUGE has been on holidays. She’s a lovely, lovely woman and being the epitome of generosity she came back to the office laden down with biscuits, huge slabs of chocolate and a box of the most delectable chocolate truffles I’ve ever seen.

Ok, ok – a box of the most delectable chocolate truffles I’ve ever TASTED. As I type this I’m eating three. Not counting the two I sneakily wolfed down in the office kitchen while nobody was looking.

I’m sure most of you are thinking so what, five chocolates is nothing but it’s WeightWatchers tonight and according to our bathroom scales at home, I’ve put on 1.5lb from last week so I can ill afford to be huffing into a box of chocolates.

I know I’m only supposed to weigh myself at the weekly meetings using the proper electronic super-dooper scales and that our ancient bathroom jalopy scales might not be as accurate as it was when it was purchased for a shilling in 1926, but still! I’m disgusted with myself!

I’m disgusted, but not surprised. It has NOT been a good week WW-wise in the Dunne household, featuring such moments as the Night of the Smoked Cod and Chips and the Afternoon of the Nervous Breakdown in Thorntons which resulted in fevered buying, and then demolishing, of chocolate.

Not to mention the Incident in Liffey Valley where I took the escalator stairs three at a time up to It’s a Bagel to order my favourite cream cheese and hot bacon concoction (with a coke), which is about 800 points. And now the Colleague Bought Chocolates So I Must Eat Them moment.

I may look innocent, but I’m not to be trusted, especially where food is concerned.

I’m finding it harder and harder to stay within my points, especially now that I’m back working in the office a bit (again, long story re: my work situation, I’ll explain it sometime) as I DO work pretty hard and am usually starving at lunch time and again at dinner. I know it’s no excuse and plenty of people also work hard but eat properly and don’t put on weight…but I’m just not one of those people!

In saying that though, I think I AM eating healthier than I was before which has to be a good thing. For example I now eat three pieces of fruit and one salad portion a day as well as drinking freshly squeezed orange juice every morning, whereas before my consumption of fruit and salad was literally zero. So at least I’m getting some nutrition even if I do occasionally freak out in the local shopping centre!

So once again readers I’m asking that you keep your fingers crossed for me for my weigh-in tonight. I’ll let you know how I get on. Now, I wonder if I could get away with going in wearing just my bra and knickers…..?



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