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Monday, January 23, 2006

And they call it, puppy loooovvveeee

I’VE just spent the weekend dog-sitting for Red Mum as she and the Young Wan were away for a few days, so the wee doggie and I spent some quality time together.

Well, I lounged around eating Red Mum’s food and watching her television, while the wee doggie spent most of her time curled up on the bed whining and looking expectantly at me as if to say “well, where are they then?”.

No matter how many times I assured her that I hadn’t kidnapped the Young Wan and that they’d be back in two shakes of a doggie’s tail, she didn’t believe me.

She grumpily mooned about the house, sniffing madly in every room for any sign of them, except for when I mentioned “walkies” or “outside” or “treat”, then she was my best friend again.

If she weren’t a she, I’d say she was almost like a man, fickle until they want something and then all over you (miaow, pull in the claws Kaz!).

Ah, but we had a great weekend together, went on a couple of walks and she does the sweetest tricks ever (twirling on her hind legs like a Russian gymnast) which was endlessly entertaining (er, that might be why she’s a tad dizzy today Red Mum, sorry!)

It made me realise I really want a dog cos they’re oh-so-cuddly and oh-so-cute, but according to Mammy Dunne they’re not good enough reasons and they’re also oh-so-messy and oh-so-barky and oh-so-peeing-on-the-floor.

I made a video on my phone though of the wee doggie scampering around the park and I’m intending to show it to Mammy Dunne over and over again until she changes her mind.

Let the brain-washing begin!


At 1:09 p.m., Blogger Red Mum said...

My what an absolutely beautiful dog and so clever too....

He he, love the post and the pic.

And once again tanks!

At 9:10 p.m., Blogger dunner said...

red mum, i wanted you to come on here and say " kaz, thanks for housesitting for me, but we dont have a dog, where exactly where you?????" now that would have been funny.


At 11:21 a.m., Blogger Red Mum said...

LOL - sorry bout that I am just too slow.

Would it help if I said that wasn't my dog, mines a doberman?


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