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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Get clickin'!

From time to time a person comes into your life that takes your breath away with their sheer courage and determination and makes you want to be a better human being.

For me that person is Jenny McCann.

I met Jenny through a mentoring programme I am involved in with an organisation here in Dublin, Enable Ireland. She used to come into my workplace one morning a week and we’d work together on news articles and how to put stories together and all of that.

Now however, we’re moving on to creative writing and so we’ve set up a blog (I’m spreading the word according to Blogger so I am) called Can you do the McCann can? (geddit?) and she’s going to use that to perfect her writing skills.

So far we’ve literally just put up a welcome post and some links (and a shiny pink clock shamelessly stolen from Dunner’s page) but we’re aiming to update it at least once a week.

The reason Jenny is so special to me is because she has Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder, which means she is a wheelchair user and has limited movement, but she never, ever lets it hold her back.

She goes to college, she has written a booklet about her life, she goes out on work experience, she loves magazines and fashion, she has competed in international sporting events winning countless medals, she’s been an extra in a film, she loves music and meeting with her friends, she even has a fiancée (lucky duck) and she’s always so upbeat, busy and cheerful that sometimes she scares me!

Me, I moan about being fat and having no fella.

So you can see the difference there! And you can also see how she inspires me and how working with her is a joy and a privilege.

What I’m asking now is that readers of this blog take the time to drop by her blog every so often to give her your support and encouragement. The link is (it’s in my sidebar too) and if you wanted to be even nicer you could link her to your blog or website too.

I’ve already taken the liberty of adding Red Mum, Dunner, Paige and JL Pagano on to Jenny’s page so she’d have more links than just mine. I hope that’s ok.

So drop by to say hi, you’re more than welcome! Get clickin'!



At 11:10 p.m., Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

Has just won Most Positive Blog Post of the Year! Delighted to welcome Jenny aboard. I'll go over and say Hi! But I particularly love your brilliant description of how awe inspiring your new blog buddy is. I believe that I'm going to come over all inadequate again!!

At 12:04 a.m., Blogger Curly K said...

Always good to hear about someone inspiring! Will also go over and say hi! And maybe get some tips on gettin me a fiance too!

At 1:02 a.m., Blogger dunner said...

Also must be up there for most heartwarming post aswell. Great work that you are doing with Jenny. Long may it continue. Puts all of our own small problems into perspective.

At 11:58 a.m., Blogger KnackeredKaz said...

Ah thanks guys! And you've left messages on Jenny's site too, that's great, she'll be chuffed! I'll email her now and let her know so she can check it out, cos I don't think she's at a computer every day. Thanks again!

At 1:00 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

A "Buzz" is always more powerful than a "Zap"

At 11:25 p.m., Blogger Curly K said...

Where have you gone Kaz?

At 9:31 a.m., Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

A wise blogger once said ....

Some of the best bloggers (interesting and productive) seem to hit speed bumps and suddenly stop blogging. Those of us who avidly read their work are left like junkies frantically waiting for the next fix.

(Res Bloggia, Blank Paige 13th Feb 2006)


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