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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Actually, it turns out self employment gives me a pain in my arse..

THE new work I boasted about in my last post has fallen through.

Too much to go into here but I've now a lot less secure work than I thought and am actually going to end up destitute, homeless and alone.

It's been a Very Black Day.

Desperate Housewives is on in a bit. I've already watched it so it doesn't matter that I won't be able to see the screen through the veil of bleakness that has descended upon me.

I'm in a Very Black Mood.

Suddenly, being single pales in comparison to physically having no money and not being able to pay my bills, even my monthly subscription to Desperately Single, the magazine for the spinster of today.

Take my advice, if you have a full-time job, don't give it up no matter what doctors say..what the fuck do they know?

Less stressful, my fat cellulite-y arse.

I feel a weekend wallow coming on and then it'll be out with the CV on Monday. Again. Jesus.


At 4:30 a.m., Anonymous Cormac said...

Why not Blog for money ;-) I have several blogs that make enough to pay bills.

I am actually quiting my job to do this full time.

See the following for some help.

At 2:25 p.m., Blogger Paige A Harrison said...

Self-employment doesn't rock - you do. Get into something that involves more and more writing by you. You and your cellulite-y arse are fab!

At 4:42 p.m., Anonymous SinĂ©ad said...

What kind of writing work are you looking for?

At 5:43 p.m., Blogger KnackeredKaz said...

Cormac: I'd LOVE to blog for money, though I don't think anyone would pay to hear my adventures with Mammy Dunne. I already have a column about being single, from this blog, and it's great but I'm not exactly Carrie Bradshaw!

Paige: Thanks! My arse thanks you!

Sinead: The work I had lined up was news reporting which I enjoy but to be honest, I much prefer the type of writing that I get to do on this blog and on my column. I also need to be able to work from home and during hours that suit me, due to my illness. Which can be a lot for employers to take on. So basically if anyone knows of newspapers/magazines that would be willing to publish my waffling, akin to this blog, in their publication and pay me handsomeley - let me know! However, I have bills to pay so right now, I'd take any kind of writing work that I could do from home. I can turn my hand to pretty much anything, modest moi?

At 12:34 a.m., Anonymous Cormac said...


Well the guy that owns Problogger earns over $30,000 a year.

You gotta find a subject that you know well and people will have an interest in, you would be suprised in who is interested in Mammy Dunne.

Good Luck.

At 1:28 p.m., Blogger Cat said...

Oh, dearie, I do feel for you - I'd several months of answering phones and borrowing money off my mum to pay the mortgage during my freelance period. V. depressing and frustrating. It does get better, but in the meantime think of the joys of being able to work in your pyjamas with Philip and Fern droning on in the background...

At 2:28 p.m., Blogger Curly K said...

Kaz, look at this way, when things are that shite, they can only get better!

However, have to disagree with Catgirl, daytime tv sucks! Never thought I'd say that but after three weeks recovering from an operation I am glad to get back to work. I found daytime tv crap and having to sit in the house looking at all the housework I should have been doing (and obviously didn't)was very depressing!

Think positive and just keep writing your blogs - it will all work out.

At 6:30 p.m., Blogger fatmammycat said...

Stick with it, I've been self employed for years. Sort of by choice and sort of because I am a massive know-it-all and utterly unemployable.
The first year was the worst, scared shitless, always worrying about where the money might dribble in from next, now here I am 33, full of the joys of spring and I'd sooner rip out my spleen and dry roast it than work with someone else again.


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