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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

All by myseeelllff....AGAIN!

I HAD intended to post today about my recent trip to Newfoundland in Canada (where I had an absolute ball, by the way) but true to form, my scanner has gone on the blink, meaning I can't scan in my photos of the whale watching or of people I met over there caught unawares on camera or the lovely houses, or anything.

I knew I should have bought a digital camera, but I went for the cheapo 'two for one' disposable camera option in Boots instead. The stupid scanner is telling me I need to insert the CD that came with it again, to reinstall, but the thing is, a few months ago said scanner also went on the blink and wouldn't accept said CD so I threw it over my shoulder in a fit of pique and it's now buried under a pile of what can only be called shite. So, point being, you'll have to wait until the brother comes up over the weekend to fix the thing for me, and I'll regale you all with tales of my holiday then. (Sorry Sandi!)

Anyway, now to the title of my post. Yes, I'm still single. No nice Canadian men swept me off my feet, no millionaire cornered me on the plane and offered to bump me up to first class, nothing, nada, zilch. Something I had been cultivating for a wee while didn't grow into anything, so yet again I find myself staring down the lonely road to spinsterhood, squeezing myself into uncomfortable underwear, smiling and nodding at men in the pub like an eejit and eating my bodyweight in French Fancies ("....but what's wrong with me? WHY doesn't he fancy me...pass me another cake there...." you get the drift.)

So, remembering the thrill of excitement I got earlier this year when I joined a free dating website to drum up some article ideas for my column, I decided to give the whole Internet lark another bash. But this time, it was for real, this time I was going to PAY to join a site and this time...I'm actually going to go and meet some men.

Yes, I have entered my credit card number into a secure WorldPay site and signed up to an Irish dating/singles website in the hope, that this time it won't be all geriatric midgets mailing me or illiterate teenagers, but in fact some interesting 30-ish men with bank balances and a pulse.

It's only been a few days, but so far it's looking....well, not great as such...but certainly better than the last time! Many of the men on the site claim to be looking for a relationship, many claim to be genuine and wouldn't be put off by a woman wanting more than just the one date, so you never know, perhaps my Prince will be among them.

I'm also amazed by the number of international men the site has, all searching for a genuine Irish wife. I got one email off a lovely Japanese man, saying he thought I had "a very charming written" which I assume means he though my written profile was charming! Ah God bless him, his English is better than my Japanese I guess, so fair play to him!

However, there are still a fair amount of guys mailing me with a really scabby 'how r u' and that's it, making no effort whatsoever to hook me in. Many of their profiles also say things like Favourite Film: Don't know Favourite Music: Not sure Favourite Book: Don't read etc etc and the blurb about themselves reads something like 'I can't write about myself, can't be arsed to say things here, if we meet up I might tell you' which of course, has me RUNNING to my laptop to mail them. Come on guys, show a bit of enthusiasm for Jaysis sake!

I'll keep you posted about how I get on. Now, I'm off to browse for a boy. It's like shopping!

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